• Kiln continued

    I finally have the kiln wired in, I ran into a couple of issues that required re-doing the conduit to 3/4″, changing a 90 degree fitting to a different type, and then having to get larger wire.

    The pain was the owner’s manual that came with the kiln, and their web site price list/installation PDF for this kiln states that it takes #10 wire and a 40 amp breaker which is totally wrong.

    I did the math, 6300 watts / 240 volts is 26.25 amps which is what’s on the name plate, and #10 wire’s max ampacity is 30, and using .80 for the safety margin to avoid nuissance trips and maxing the wire out, 24 amps.

    It became clear they screwed up in the documents and it has to be #8 wire. I sent Olympic an email about the error.

    I need to mount the vent motor to the wall and get some ducting for it next, but I turned the kiln on for a few minutes and it worked fine, it got up to 360 degrees before I turned it off.

    From the Bartlett controller manual it looks like a typical cone 6 firing on slow bisque would take about 15 hours, and since my work is heavy and thick, I’ll probably be using that slower speed the most.

    I have large cones for 4, 5 and 6, figuring cone 5 will be a good temperature for the clay. The raku clay I use for modelling has a very wide firing range, offhand I think it’s 05 on to cone 10.

    Here is it all hooked up except the vent, with my gorgeous professional looking conduit which was a bit of a chore to do the several bends to get into the bottom of the breaker box, tapconning it securely with brackets, and a nice tight 90 degree conduit body to come around the corner with a minimal amount of projection. The kiln is plugged into a Leviton Nema 5-60 receptacle, the circuit has a separate ground wire and the outlets and conduit are grounded to that.

    I think this location in the basement turned out ideal, concrete floor and wall, brick wall, nothing flammable nearby, short run for the power and plenty of floor space around the kiln.

    I do need to wire in a 4 foot fluorescent lamp to replace the single bulb in this corner.