• St. Vincent’s Hospital

    The main building around 1979



    Another view, looking South from West 12th St, the 2nd building down from the tall corner building was the Leon Lowenstein clinic, an Art Deco era building that was demolished around 1980






    Entrance to Leon Lowenstein, carved limestone figures flank the window, I had managed to buy the one on the left from the demolition people for $100 but unknown to me was just how large that piece of stone she was on actually was! It was about six feet wide, three feet tall and at least ten inches thick, the block of stone weighed in excess of 2000 pounds and they had laid it on a four wheel platform truck I chained to a post nearby.

    When I arrived to pay for the piece and take it home, the weight was so much I was unable to even move it, unfortunately I wound up having them jackhammer more than half of the stone away leaving just the figure which still weighed about 600 pounds. The other figure wound up in the landfill.



  • Nifty term


    A bracket or console, as one supporting part of a cornice.