• St. Vincent’s Hospital nurse roundel

    I am pleased to say the model is now finished and I haveĀ  just ordered the materials required to make the rubber mold. The first public cast has already been sold- interestingly enough to a nurse in Texas who was a former student of St Vincent’s, she related how she used to walk under the nurse sculpture every day going in and out of the building over ten years!

    It is very nice to thinkĀ  some of my work brings back fond memories for someone who recognizes the design.

    And now a last picture before laying the model on the work bench:

    Laid now on the work bench over some narrow strips of wood to allow air to circulate to the interior so she dries evenly:

    I’m thinking of making a model of this Art Deco era design next, which was once on the Leon Lowenstein Clinic that was attached to ST. Vincent’s Hospital. The clinic was demolished around 1980.