• Model progress

    Done with the model for tonight, I guess I spent about 3 hours so far on it, long way to go yet. I worked on the hat more, moved the eyes out a bit further.
    The bottom is currently horizontal due to the form, but when the model is done mostly and firms up, I’ll be unscrewing the bottom board of the form and I have a template with a curve, the bottom of the sculpture gets a curve, concave with about a 1/2″ rise in the arc.

    And now after a little more work, I stopped on this for tonight, I wound up moving the hat down about 1/2 or 3/4 of an inch. Still not sure on the eyebrows, the original stone has them but they are strange looking, the other stone that I still own does not have eyebrows at all defined. A lot of the old pieces didn’t have eyebrows actually defined and I’m not sure I like them as they are giving the face a sort of tragic, depressed expression.