• Nurse model progress

    After roughing out a face and shoulders onto the roundel I hoisted it up on my work bench easel so I can work on it better.
    Models like this make me overjoyed I installed a half-ton chain hoist in the ceiling of my studio when I built it 🙂

    It’s diameter is a little larger than the wolf and lioness roundels were – from which I kept their shaping templates. One of the pieces of the template system included a curved cleat screwed to the modelling board to keep the model from sliding down the board from it’s own weight, but that jig is too small and it’s curvature doesn’t match up well with the new model, so I attached it but filled in gaps with some styrofoam to spread the weight out a little bit, and decided to tilt the board back to a lower angle so the model has less tendency to slide down, and puts less force on the cleat so it doesn’t distort the clay.
    I’m probably going to bite the bullet and do the egg & dart moulding, the blank convex shape molding just looks like there’s something “missing” from that plainness.

    I stopped at this point for now since the clay is quite soft and still very sticky which makes it a bit of trouble to try and detail, but I made good progress quickly.