• More progress

    Ok now I have all the molding roughed in and a little general overall cleaning up, I decided to try “cross hatching” the texture in the background to see how it’s effects might look.

    I also replaced one of my 150 watt CFL bulbs with one LED spotlight and the change in lighting while slightly less bright really changed how the images come out now to much better definition with shadows:

  • Nurse roundel progress continued

    After I started laying out 4 or 5 of the egg & dart molding repeats I realized I made an error with the calculator. I had divided each quadrant into 3 sections instead of 4, so there would have been 4 fewer repeats as a result if I continued.
    After fixing that error by starting the border design over from scratch I now have a little more than half of the repeating designs roughed out, here’s a progress shot from a little while ago.
    I still need to transision the sides of her face, but I’m pretty happy with the face, the face might get tweeked a little more yet, we’ll see.

    The other model with the hat is dry enough now I can take it over to the gallery and lay him in the display window as I won’t be making a mold of him untill I actually have n order for one in my hand.