• New 1/12 scale room box

    I did a small amount of work on the plywood for the facade of my furniture store model today, it is 1/2″ thick veneer-core apple ply. I have cut out for the two display windows and the door/transom openings. There is a row of 6 square windows across which on the real building are semi-opaque textured glass that I think I will use clear glass for on this instead so the interior is more visible. The door opening will be set back inside a couple of inches. I have not decided how deep I will make the box yet, I intend to finish the facade completely and decide.

    This will be the second 1/12 scale model roombox I’ve done so far, the bricks I will be using are scale model bricks made from colored plaster, some of them will need to be run through a hold down form I made to run a router across to shape one corner of each. The router idea works ok and there is an acceptable percentage of loss from that process that might reduce a little as I develop a better technique.
    The fancier bricks run up both columns and across to form a raised decorative border frame, there is a similar rectangular frame up top which on the real building would have been a place for a large sign.