WInged dog Nr 90 mold

Now the mold itself has been started, I had to order another two gallon kit of my usual compound as I determined the one two gallon kid I had ordered was not going to be quite enough, and ratehr than trying to stretch it I decided to go ahead earlier in the week to order another kit and that arrived yesterday. That’s $215 each with the shipping so  the decision to use a second kit is not made lightly since it doubles the costs for the mold which may or may never see more than the one cast that a Nashville client ordered.


The first application of the compound does not have to cover every inch of the model, it’s use is mainly to fill in deep details, fine details, anything that has crevases or holes which can trap air pockets such as eyes and nostrils when applying an almost paste-like compound.

Usually one application of the raw compound without the thickening chemical added is all that’s needed. In about an hour it will cure enough I can start building the thickness of the rubber compound up over the entire surface.