• Lion block

    These have not been fired in the kiln yet, but I couldn’t resist setting them up for a good photo since the light was so perfect.

  • Odd dream

    I had a really odd dream this morning, what I remember is discovering my office type desk chair rolled very easily on the street in NYC and at first I was with someone else messing around with rolling on our chairs at night, but I soon found a steep street and went down the hill by myself and it was getting very steep and I was picking up speed fast on the chair. Soon I was coasting down at a steady spead about 30 mph and the downward incline continued for miles, I just laid back in the chair, took my shoes off and was enjoying the crusing but quickly remembered I would need to use my feet as brakes to stop so I put my shoes back on.

    After a while the bottom of the incline came and the chair coasted to a stop, so I rolled it along while sitting on it still to a restaurant nearby to find out where the nearest subway was to get home because now I was many miles from home. I went in and I had my arms full of packages and things and as I made my way in the stuff in my arms brushed three new belts off the coatrack and I had carefully put them back up while hoping their owners didn’t notice I dropped them. Someone pointed to the subway and gave confusing  directions I didn’t “get.”

    I went back outside and my chair was missing and I couldn’t find it after looking all over, sad about the loss of the chair I walked down the street to where I thought the subway was but didn’t see it, so I went to  another place nearby  and asked where the subway was and a woman pointed to the corner, but I only saw stairs going down no signs.

    I went down the very narrow stairs that had an arched ceiling and a lot of others going down the stairs, about half way down I struggled with my armload of stuff to get my wallet out and there a $5 bill and two $1 bills, I didn’t know what the fare was but I got the two $1 bills out and thought about putting my wallet in my sock in case of being mugged on the subway, but didn’t.

    A heavy set woman I thought was a subway employee was trying to make her way back up the stairs but me and my armload of packages was a bottleneck she couldn’t get past, I thought she was going to go up to lock the entrance door to close for the night and how lucky it was I arrived to get in when I did.

    I didn’t get to take the ride because that was when I woke up.