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    I was able to get the formula/factor to calculate the double clay shrinkage, so that issue is solved now.

    I also have 1,000# of clay coming tomorrow so I can start work on the next model.

    Meanwhile, I decided to make another design of mine into the clay-press format, it’s my old lion Nr.1265 which appears in my 1980 brochure as a wall plaque;

    I decided to revert him back to the original design which was a block shape, this required hand-recreating the original form, casting a rubber positive in my current mold and then making a new plaster piece mold of it.

    Here’s the rubber positive and the mold;

    A small crop of the original circa 1895 terracotta and the building he came from some 35 years ago;

    An overall view of 58 Norfolk St even shows the hole in the wall next to the window, I was able to remove a couple or three of these lions and two stone grotesques from the upper floor. This was a tricky building being directly next door to a synagogue where people could probably hear me hammering on the bricks at the abandoned 58 next door to them, one of the times I went in and came out with one of the little lions a patrol car slid right on over next to where I had my bicycle chained to a post across the street from the building, but I saw them coming quickly around the corner and somehow figured something was up, so I slid my cancas mailbag which had my hammer, crowbar, flashlight etc in it- under a nearby parked car.
    Well, the officers got out and started to talk to me, best I can remember of this 1975 or so conversation is they asked me how come I ditched the bag of tools under the car as they dragged it out, I said something like I saw some kid down the block that gave me trouble before. Well the one officer was examining the little lion and standing in front of me turning it over in his hands and then he dropped it on my foot on purpose but pretended it was an accident (I knew better) it was pretty heavy, maybe 12# and it hurt but I covered it up pretty well.
    Then they looked up at the building and asked “who put all those holes in the wall up there?” I said I didn’t know, that I found th elion in the rubble of the vacant lot next door.
    Meanwhile the officer was still rolling the lion over in his hands looking at it and proclaming how heavy it was and dropped it on my foot a second time! He tried it a third time but I slid my foot out fast and it missed.
    After asking me for my name and where I lived, I remember telling them fake ones, and the only address I could think of was hilariously enough the address of the Ricardo’s apartment in the 1950s sitcom; “I Love Lucy” 623 East 68th street.
    After a bit they shoved the lion into my arms and told me to go. I got on my bike and started peddling north towards home, but as I went a couple of blocks I could see they were following me from a block back to see where I was going, so instead of turning West around Houston St to get home by Washington Sq Park, I continued north on to at least 14th St with them still behind me, so I continued on North as though I really was going to 68th St but they soon turned off as they hit the boundary of their precinct, I never went back to the building after that.