• Kiln

    The kiln shut off just about the time I figured on after 24 hours and 20 minutes. I watched it just hit 2061 degrees and then it went to the 10 minute hold.
    I was able to calculate the temp rise in the last stage of 80deg/hour to be 1.333 degs per minute and the Bartlett controller kept it just about dead on, and shut off almost to the minute I had calculated while I was  waiting for it to shut off.

    I saved the firing profile as user 6 to use again as-is if the load turns out fine.
    I set the timer clock on the vent fan to turn off in about an hour, so tomorrow afternoon I should be able to open it up and see what I have, hopefully I won’t have four shattered lion faces staring up accusingly at me from the bottom of the kiln!

    The program I came up with was 7 stages and started off with a 6 hour preheat @ 200 degrees F with a temperature rise of 60 degrees per hour, so it took about 2 hours to get to 200 degrees.

    Then it continued with segments 2 through 7:

    S2- 80 deg/hour to 280 deg
    S3- 100 deg/hour to 550 deg
    S4- 80 deg/hour to 750 deg
    S5- 150 deg/hour to 1100 deg
    S6- 180 deg/hour to 1700 deg
    S7- 80 deg/hour to 2060 deg with a 10 minute hold @ 2060 deg.

    Total time: 24:20

  • Kiln schedule

    Here’s what I programmed in the kiln controller for another round of torture tests, and yes, it’s a form of torture to open a kiln lid, look inside and see your work ruined:

    Segment / Temp rise per hour/ Temp in degrees  F

    1. -60 to 200 (hold for 6 hours)
    2. -80 to 280
    3. -100 to 550
    4. -80 to 750
    5. -150 to 1100
    6. -180 to 1700
    7. -80 to 2060
    8. Hold: 10 minutes

    That make it about a 24 hour firing plus the cooling down.