Lion pressed

The kiln reached final temperature just 11 minutes sooner than I estimated, I’ll open it up in the morning and see what I have.

Meanwhile, after finishing another plaster piece mold of a design I used to cast about 30 years ago, I pressed clay into it now and we’ll see how it turns out.
It took 10-1/2# of clay, the wall thickness of the clay is about 5/8″, and it is 10″ high, 4-1/4″ wide:

Now about 3 hours later I was able to remove the lion, here he is shown next to one of the cut down wall plaque versions:

The five pieces in the kiln all turned out just fine with the new schedule, the cherub was the problem before.

The still moist pressed lion block, I’ll need to clean him up a little and make another one today.