Art Deco D5 firing

The panel is still in the kiln since Sunday at noon, it should shut off in about 4 hours. It looks like the panel has survived so far through the critical stages, it could still have a crack or something but we’ll see.

Here’s what 1755º looks like through the peephole on the kiln, now imagine 320º hotter still:


My Olympic kiln, model 1823HE cone 10 (2350º) is not as large as I wanted, this was $2300 and the next larger size was only a few inches wider and a couple of inches taller inside and it was $3100 which was quite  a jump! For about $3200 they have an oval 42″x 30″ inside that would accomodate larger pieces than this panel and laid flat, but I would also have to  change my breaker box and the wiring to the meter since that kiln needs a dual 70 amp breaker. All my breaker slots are filled, and the main breaker itself is only 100 amp anyway, a 200 amp would be much better.