Art Deco D5 terracotta




I took the panel out of the kiln now, still hot enough to need gloves to handle, but it came out very good. I made one small error in the final temperature 2079º I should have set it to 2060º, that 19º difference seems minute in a kiln over 2000º but it makes the difference between the clay turning slightly brown and staying the red color I am aiming for.I had forgotten the higher temperature gave me the browner color a year ago when I fired  another piece to that temperature as a test, and then lowered it to 2060º and the red color remained.

The photo doesn’t show the color all that accurately, so I placed another piece fired at 2060º previously in front of it for comparison. The lion is a redder/orange while the panel is in real life slightly red/brown. This clay will turn a darker chocolate brown at a higher temperature but I that’s not the color I want. So on Thursday morning I’m going to fire the second panel since it’s dry now enough to fire, and fire it at 2060º

The panel as fired measures 19-3/4″ x 12-1/8″ and weighs 29#